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Sea Shell

Steel, Single screw, diesel driven product oil carrier, double hull, suez max Flush decker, machinery and living quarters aft.


Flag State PANAMA
Port of Register PANAMA
Call Sign 3ElY4
Registration No 48875-PEXT
Date Built 27 JUNE 2016
Class Society A.B.S.
Class No. 16262847


Main Particulars  
Length over all

274.20 M

Length B.P. 263.60 M
Breadth 48.00 M 
Depth moulded 23.10 M
Summer draft moulded 17.15 M
Deadweight (16.00/Dd) 144,790 TON / (17.15/Sd) 158,409 TON
Tonnage International Suez Gross --------- Gross 81,431 M/T ------------- Net 51,969M/T
Main Engine

One - Single acting, Two Stroke, Crosshead, Turbocharged, Reversible. HYUNDAI-WARTSILA  6X72 (Delta bypass tuning)

Main Generator Three - Diesel generators , four stroke, Trunk piston in-line type Hyundai - HIMSEN 6H21/32,1280kW each  
Boilers> Boilers The plant consist of one composite boiler and two oil fired aux. boilers. The evaporation of composite boilera at NCR is 1.8 ton/h. / 0.9 ton/h at Oil fired section / exh. Gas section The evaporation of oil fired aux. boiler is 35 ton/h. Steam pressure is 16 bar at tanker mode and 6 bar at normal sea going mode.   
Windlass Two - Hydraulic, "PUSNES", 49.6 tons x 9m/min, 97mm dia, Chain Cable, max.winding overload for 2 minute 68.5 tons  
Winches Six - Hydraulic, 20 tons x 15m/min, each two drums and one warping head.  
Cranes One - 15 ton Electro-Hydraulic crane amid ship for hose handling crane. One - Electro-Hydraulic operated, 7.5 ton crane for provisions & stores on PORT side. One - Electro-Hydraulic operated, 2 ton crane for provisions and stores on STBD side. One - 7.5 ton Motor Driven E/R Overhead Crane.  
Auto Pilot One - Tokyo Keiki/ PR 9340A DM SS2, One-Course Recorder (Tokyo keiki/CR 4)  
Gyro Compass Two - Tokyo Keiki/ TG-8000  
Radars One - S Band Radar (JRC/JMA 9282 S) One - X Band Radar (JRC/JMA 9225 6X)  
Radio One - MF/HF Radio Equipment (JRC/JSS 2250) Two - Radar Transponder (JRC/TRON START20) One - Satellite  EPIRB (JRC/JQE-103) Three -Marine VHF Radiotelephone (JRC/JHS-770S) Three - Two Way VHF (JRC/JHS 7) Four - UHF Transceiver (JRC/GP 328)   
INMARSAT One - Inmarsat Fleetbroadband FB500 (JRC/JUE-501) Two-Inmarsat C Mobile Earth station (JRC/JUE-87) One-Ship Security Alert System (JRC/JUE-95SA)   


AMPTC Operation Office

  • + 202 35701311
  • Contact AMPTC
  • 21, Giza Street,Nile Tower Building ,Giza, Egypt.


ISO Registered