Ocean Gas

The vessel has been designed and constructed as steel, all welded, single screw, diesel engine, suitable for LPG in the prismatic type cargo tank designed for maximum vapor pressure of 0.275 bar G,minimum temperature of -50 ْC and maximum specific gravity of 0.61 t/m3 as a type 2G ship specified in IGC code.


Flag State PANAMA
Port of Register   PANAMA
Call Sign   3ETM3
Registration No 37976-PEXT
Date Built October, 2008
Class Society L.R.
Class No. 9388687     Click for full size
IMO No. 9388687
Main Particulars  
Length over all 225.00 M
Lenth B.P. 215.00 M




36.60   M
Depth 22.00   M
Design Draft 11.40   M
Scantling Draft     12.00   M
Draft     12.024 M
DWT  54,495.00 Tons
Tonnage International  Suez Canal   
Gross  47,072
Gross  50,291.98
Net  15,845
Net  46,322.24
Main Engine Type
Fuel Oil Consumption     

Two stroke, single acting, crosshead, turbocharged, reversible, marine diesel  engine.
MCR:13,560 kw x 105 RPM, NCR: 12,050 kw x101 RPM.
179 g/kw*h + 5% at NCR using M.D.O. of 42,700 kj/kg in L.C.V.
Main Generator   
Diesel Engine Three (3) sets, four (4) stroke, Trunk piston in-line type
1740 kW x 720 RPM  x 2 sets, 1280 kW x 720 RPM x 1 set.
Generator 1380 kW x two (2) sets, 1200 kW x one (1) set.  
Auxiliary boiler Automatic, Forced draft, H.F.O. burning type, one (1) set.
Evaporation 3000 kg/h Working press 6 kg/cm2.
Exhaust gas economizer Vertical, smoke tube type with steam space, one (1) set.
Evaporation : abt. 1500 kg/h, working press 6 kg/cm2.
Windlass Electro-hydraulic, deck machinery type - 2 sets.
Capacity : Cable lifter 31.2 ton x 9 m/min / Mooring drum 20 ton x 15 m/min.
Mooring Winches Electro-hydraulic, deck machinery type - 6 sets.
Capacity : 15 ton x 15 m/min for mooring drum (FWD, AFT & MID)
Hose Handling Crane  One (1) set, electro-hydraulic type
Capacity : 10 ton x 10.0 m/min / Working radius : 24.0 m.
Navigation Equipment Auto pilot (TOKIMEC INC., PR-6632A-DM-SS2)
Gyro compass (TOKIMEC, TG-8000)
Radar system (FURUNO, FAR-2837SW, FAR-2827W)
ECDIS (FURUNO, FEA-2807 X 1,  FEA-2107 x 1     1 Set
2 Sets
2 Sets
2 Sets
Radio Equipment

Satellite Comm-C (FURUNO, FELCOM15)
Satellite Comm-C (FURUNO, FELCOM70)
Main radio equipment (FURUNO, FM-1800F)
VHF radio system (FURUNO, FA-8800S)
Portable UHF transceiver (FURUNO,TRON TR20)

1 Set
1 Set
1 Set
2 Sets
3 Sets


Cargo System  

Four (4) independent self supporting cargo tank built as IMO type A
of prismatic shape.
Maximum allowable relief valve setting (harbor) 0.4 bar g.
Maximum allowable relief valve setting (seagoing) 0.275 bar g.
Maximum cargo tank service pressure 0.95 bar abs (approx.)

Condition of Carriage The ship is suitable for the carriage in cargo tank of the following products,
provided all relevant operational provisions are observed.
Name Of  Atmospheric       Critical Pressure       Maximum
Cargo            Boiling Point       (bars, absolute)       Density        Remarks
Propane    -42.3 C                 42.6                 0.58
Butadiene             -5.0 C                  43.2                  0.65         Partial Load  
i-Butane              - 11.7 C                 38.2                  0.596
n-Butane              -0.5 C                  38.1                  0.600
a-Butylene            -6.1 C                  38.9                  0.624       Partial Load
y-Butylene            -6.9 C                  38.7                  0.627       Partial Load
Propylene            -47.7 C                   45.6                  0.61