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To boost the supplies in maritime trasport market and to develop our fleet.
to create new excellent partnership ...

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To provide world class maritime transportation services and hydrocarbon service that equal or exceed safety, environmental and health requirements ...
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To be known by industry as widely qualified, top rated transporters of petroleum products whilst being recognized by ...
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Company Statement

We will provide world-class ship management services that meet or exceed safety, health, environmental & customer requirements. This will be achieved by ...
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AMPTC, as a company , has a broad philosophy which is recognized worldwide, and we operate having simple solid values ...
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Commitment Towards...

The A.M.P.T.C, since established, recognizes its role and its commitment to the Maritime Community with regard to Safety...
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Was established in 1972 by member countries of the ORGANIZATION OF ARAB PETROLEUM EXPORTING COUNTRIES (O.A.P.E.C ) In accordance with a decree of the Council of Oil of its Member States.

A.M.P.T.C. Was missioned to provide maritime transport services of hydrocarbon substances for the benefit of O.A.P.E.C and its members, as well as, to trade independently in the international market.

AMPTC Operation Office

  • + 202 35701311
  • Contact AMPTC
  • 21, Giza Street,Nile Tower Building ,Giza, Egypt.


ISO Registered